Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Building the Woman's World Banking Movement: Michaela Walsh Interviewed by Hazel Henderson

Founding a Movement
As part of Ethical Markets Transforming Finance Series, Michaela Walsh, Founding President of Women's World Banking, a global network of  microfinance institutions from 28 countries dedicated to serve the financial needs of women, and author of Founding a Movement: Women's World Banking 1975-1990, was recently interviewed by Hazel Henderson, President of Ethical Markets Media, evolutionary economist and sustainability expert.

In this interview, both women discuss Michaela Walsh's start on Wall Street from New York to Lebanon, and from London back to New York. They also discuss the importance of trust for the credibility and effectiveness of financial markets, something which has clearly eroded in recent years. Also, they talk about the founding in the 1970s of WWB, which wanted to offer fair access to money and financial services to help a group consisting of 50% of society, i.e. women in developing countries. And how WWB developed successfully into a global financial organization by operating in a decentralized manner around the world with recognition of and respect for the needs and expertise of women on the ground.


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