Tuesday, February 28, 2012

June O'Brien, Author and Dream Blogger, Reviews Understanding Dreams

Understanding Dreams is an exciting and remarkable book.  It avoids the formulaic and dictionary-like approach of most dream books which are so misleading, and even destructive. The process presented by Dr. Siivola provides an approach to understanding dreams that is distinctly useful to individuals, or informal groups. It respects the poetry of dream language while empowering the individual dreamer to understand.  The group process he offers is structured enough to be safe for participants, but with enough exploratory freedom to allow the dream to unfold.  Ordinarily I avoid dream-books and encourage others to do the same, but I am pleased to have this one brought to my attention.  The approach he presents is similar to the one I use, but I had not organized it into usefulness to others as he has.   
June O'Brien is the author of From the Bone and A Language of Shape and Shadow. She is also the blogger for the blog Dream Talk.

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