Thursday, June 7, 2012

Noble Enterprise by Darwin Gillett selected as one of Top 40 Business Books

We thought our readers might enjoy this blog entry from John Spence, a well-known business blogger, author, and recipient of an Honorable Mention from Small Business Influencer in 2011. John chose 40 books out of the more than 2000 business titles he has read to make his "Top 40 Business Books" list--quite an honor for all involved. John says.

“I sit here in my office surrounded by more than 2,000 business books I must admit that it is pretty tough to narrow it down to just a handful of the very best.  However, if I were going to pick the top books that I feel give the best information for how to run a business successfully this would be my list.”

We are proud to announce that Darwin Gillett, author of Noble Enterprise, is on that list, putting him in league with authors Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Warren Bennis, and other luminairies! Noble Enterprise, published in 2008, offers the insights, leadership tools, and inspiration for entrepreneurs to create a business--a noble enterprise-- that will lead employees to new heights of performance. It teaches business owners to:

  • Strengthen the organization by awakening and activating the rich array of human energy, wisdom, passion, and purpose in employees;
  • Revitalize your company by creating and implementing a plan for turning around (and turning on) even the most "stuck" operation;
  • Build sustainable growth and profitability by learning the secrets of corporate revitalization and applying them to achieve sustainable success;
  • Expand your leadership impact by building employee morale and commitment and helping employees achieve big performance goals; and
  • Inspire your people by increasing employees' enthusiasm and confidence and turning your company into a high-performing noble enterprise

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