Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Darwin Gillett, author of Noble Enterprise speaking in Brazil conference on "Profits & Social Values"

Darwin Gillett, author of Noble Enterprise: The Commonsense Guide to Uplifting People and Profits, will speak at conference in Brazil on October 2nd. The conference will be hosted by Fundaceo Dom Cabral, named one of the top ten business schools world-wide by Financial Times for the past three years running. Please check Mr. Gillett's press release, quoted below, for more information.

"While critics of Capitalism, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, rail against business as a bastion of profit-hungry executives, with little regard for the masses let alone the environment, one Maine businessman has been espousing and documenting an approach for doing business that benefits both profits and social values. This approach helps companies succeed and contributes to a fiar and just society and to the environment." 

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