Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Praise for Mystic Journey: Buy the Book Everyone's Talking About

Since its release, our title Mystic Journey has gotten quite the response from readers and reviewers. Author Robert Atkinson was interviewed by both the Portland Press Herald and Spiritual Media Blog about his background in spirituality and life stories. These discussions clarify his book and his purpose behind writing it, creating deeper meaning for the readers.

Additionally, Atkinson's book received several positive reviews around the 'net, including on the book's Amazon page, and from spirituality and book bloggers, such as Evolutionary_Mystic, Dad of Divas, and Book Bargains and Previews.

See what they have to say below, check out the full reviews for yourself, and pick up your own copy of Mystic Journey!

The book ... provides a magnificent template for the mystical traveler: knowing what is achievable through conscious effort; seeing in the oscillation of opposites the possibility of their union; recognizing that the respolution of such a procession of opposites in our lives is designed to move us closer to our Creator; and understanding that our deepest spiritual transformation comes about not through escape from the world but from work in the world, as service to humanity.
--Evolutionary_Mystic Post 

This book is deep, and makes anyone who reads this delve deeper within themselves to understand not only their own spirituality, but also one's own spiritual and conscious self. 
--Dad of Divas' Book Reviews

Thought-provoking and powerful, valuable reading for those searching for deeper meaning to life.
--Amazon Reader JDM

This book takes an interesting look at developing the whole person, body, mind, and spirit and how expressing our life stories can help us come to know who we really are and what our life's calling is. This is a thought-provoking and compelling read for those who are searching for the meaning of life.
--Allie B. from Book Bargains and Previews

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