Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dialogues praised as "excellent source of insight and wisdom"

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51XskEEmeAL.jpgAuthor Alvaro Bizziccari published Dialogues with My God Self with Cosimo in October of 2012. We were delighted to see someone post their review of the book on Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's store pages.

After providing a brief summary of Bizziccari's approach to his subject matter, the reviewer then explains why he finds Dialogues to be such a useful addition to the philosophical discussions it takes part in.
As a Doctor of Philosophy, Bizzicccari is erudite on these essential mysteries of humanity; mankind has asked the questions found in Dialogues with My God Self for as far back as history records, and probably much farther.  Philosophers, mystics, teachers, wise men, have all done their best to provide answers.  Bizzicccari draws from the many works provided by these pilgrims in metaphysics to organize and document the wisdom of the ages into ‘Dialogues.’ And, based on the excellence of this undertaking, perhaps Bizzicccari also incorporates a bit of his own dialogues with his god-self.  
We hope that if you are asking God and yourself big questions, you pick up Dialogues with My God Self and are equally inspired by this "excellent source of information, insight, and wisdom."

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