Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Review for Dialogues with My God Self

Dialogues with My God Self: Understanding the Law of Love, by Alvaro Bizziccari, has received a new, flattering review on Amazon. The reviewer, booklover343, who titled the review, "Learning about Love from God's Point of View," states:

 Dialogues is a conversation, but it is also a book of lessons, a guide to navigating the world from a godly, and especially loving point of view. ...[T]he tone of the book is uplifting and comforting. It is designed to be a tool for readers to refer to when they are struggling with life's problems, and a refuge for those who are weary of the world's self-centered ways. It's not a book for those who cannot or will not take the time to focus on the more important, personal, spiritual things in life. But it's perfect for anyone looking to renew their faith, discover their meaning, and devote their soul to loving their fellow man.

You can read the full review, as well as others, and buy the book, on Amazon. This title is also available as an ebook from Kindle and Nook.

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