Monday, August 19, 2013

Cosimo now Selling eBooks at your Local, Online, Corner Bookstore via reKiosk

It’s a social and digital world. People spend more time online than ever before but there is a certain personal experience that sometimes gets lost in the digital space. With that in mind, Cosimo is teaming up with reKiosk to sell our ebooks in a corner-store atmosphere located in the digital world.

Cosimo’s mission has always been to engage readers with valuable ideas about business and economics, sustainability, personal development, UFOs, and more.  This partnership gives Cosimo and their authors the opportunity to use the innovative approach reKiosk offers in the online marketplace. Cosimo joins some of the biggest names in independent publishing, allowing its authors to benefit from increased exposure and more sharing tools.

Both Cosimo and reKiosk are excited about this opportunity and the eBook titles that will be offered at Cosimo’s kiosk. For a limited time Cosimo is offering great deals on some of its popular titles, including: Mystic Journey, Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story by Robert Atkinson, professor of human development and religious studies at the University of Southern Main; Left at East Gate a highly acclaimed best-seller in the U.K. about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins, investigative writer and author, and Plunder, Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal by Danny Schechter, filmmaker, blogger, media critic and author of multiple other books, some of which also will be featured on reKiosk. Be sure to check out the reKiosk Q&A with the aforementioned authors at

Head over to Cosimo’s kiosk, browse the titles, start shopping and even consider setting up your own kiosk with your favorite eBook titles.

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