Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book of the Month: The Joy of Ritual

The Joy of Ritual is a road-map to celebrating life. This book will be a great companion on your journey to attaining clarity, balance, and calmness amid the chaos of life.”
— Donna Karan

Our Book of the Month may look familiar: we spotlighted Barbara Biziou's The Joy of Ritual back in September. We've chosen to spotlight it again because we think it's a great recommendation for our readers who may have New Year's Resolutions tied to self-improvement. 

The Joy of Ritual is an easily practicable recipe book for the soul, which helps the reader center and understand themselves. It's easy for New Year's resolutions to be forgotten as the days progress and we become busy living our lives; The Joy of Ritual is an easy-to-use manual that can help the busiest of us maintain a connection with the inner self. There are simple and quick rituals in the book to enhance our connection to the self every day, with more complicated and time-intensive rituals for those special moments when we seek greater guidance or understanding.

For more on the integration of simple rituals into your daily life, be sure to check out Biziou's new and improved website, which launched in December. This wonderful new site includes a link to sign up for a free Transformation Toolbox, and features vlog posts and links to Biziou's other products and events.

Start integrating the spiritual in your daily life with The Joy of Ritual in Kindle, Paperback, or in another digital reader format.

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