Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Book of the Month: Blogothon by News Dissector Danny Schechter

Our book of the month for April is Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector by Danny Schechter, also the author of Plunder: Investigating our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal and Occupy: Dissecting Occupy Wall Street. In this revealing book, published just after the Occupy Wall Street campaigns across the United States, the News Dissector revisits ten years of American history, examining how the advent of blogging has altered how media is presented and interpreted.

Blogothon is the print collection of some of Schechter's best blog posts; read and learn about:

  • the importance of blogging as an alternative media
  • mainstream media and its lack of credibility in modern times
  • the influence of activists such as Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson on Occupy Wall Street
  • the ascent of Al Jazeera
  • the development and ongoing impact of the financial crisis
  • increased partisanship and polarization in U.S. politics
A fascinating read for fans of the News Dissector blog, aspiring bloggers, and anyone interested in a first-hand account of history as it unfolded, Blogothon is not only a commentary on modern U.S. history, it is a piece of it. Blogothon is available at most online bookstores and as an ebook from KindleNook and Google Play. This month ONLY, it is available for a great price as an ebook from Rekiosk discounted from $17.99 to only $4.99! Get it while you can!

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