Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Book of the Month: A Journey through Governance, by William A. Morrill

Cosimo's Book of Month for August is a personal account from career civil servant, William A. Morrill. Throughout six combined presidencies and nearly twenty-five years working at the White House, Morrill experienced some of the most iconic American moments in history first-hand. 

Morrill's memoir, A Journey through Governance: A Public Servant's Experience under Six Presidents reveals how the United States government operates from within. Morrill guides the reader through the Capital corridors, encountering one critical national issue after another. His insights and experiences could become useful in the upcoming months for those citizens unsure about the importance of public service in determining their mid-term votes.

About the Author:
William A. Morrill has had a long distinguished career of public service in federal and local government. He served in the administrations of six presidents, from Eisenhower to Carter: at the Pentagon on the Air Force Headquarters staff; in the Executive Office of the President under Presidents KennedyJohnsonNixonFord, and Carter; and as an assistant secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Presidents Ford and Carter. 

Morrill has remained engaged in public-service and public-policy matters in the private sector, including with the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Public Administration. After leaving government, he was president of Mathematica Policy Research, chief executive and chairman of Mathtech, and a senior fellow at ICF International. He can be found online on his website

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  1. Bill Morrill invites you to learn more about "A Journey through Governance" by visiting his website (www.williammorrill.com) to view his video, and to read what others are saying about the book, including George Shultz, Alice Rivlin and Paul O'Neill.