Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Dracula Movie Hits Theaters October 10

What better way to celebrate all things spooky with Halloween right around the corner than to watch a scary movie and read a chilling book?

Dracula Untold, the newest action horror movie adaptation loosely based on the 1897 Dracula by Irish novelist Bram Stoker will be released on October 10.

This eerie movie veers away from the traditional Dracula storyline, but is sure to delight any dark fantasy movie-goer.

Stoker's Dracula is perhaps one of the best known and most influential books in all of literature. His novel didn't merely inspire countless adaptations for stage and film, it invented an entire genre of horror: the vampire story, which continues to evolve and change today into wildly varied directions, from romance, to detective stories, to symbolizing current topics and movements.

Still haunting and terrifying even today, Dracula is a must-read for those interested in the origins of the vampire genre.    

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