Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Classic of the Month: Eat and Grow Thin by Vance Thompson

In the spirt of the new year, we at Cosimo are spending the month of January highlighting books that will help our readers become the best version of themselves. We are happy to present Cosimo's Classic of the Month for January: Eat and Grow Thin by Vance Thompson.

Known as one of America's first low-carb diet books, author Vance Thompson offers his strategy for "escaping the tragedy of growing fat." What's more. "The Mahdah menus tell you exactly what to eat just what food values should be banked every day. The menus are composed. Each luncheon is complete in itself. Each dinner provides exactly the nutriment needed and in exactly the right proportions. And breakfast? Oh, we of the slim-waisted gracilities breakfast on a cup of yellow tea or a cup of black coffee or a dish of fresh, ripe fruit."

Originally published in 1914 and long out-of-print, Eat and Grow Thin proves just how long low-carbohydrate eating plans have been around. Of course, contemporary dieters familiar with the current low-carb craze will find memorable advice here as well as a wealth of "slimming recipes" from the turn of the century.

About the Author
Vance Thompson (1863-1925) was an American author and literary "Renaissance Man" of the early 20th century. His work covers a wide-range of genres including poetry, stage plays, miscellaneous manuscripts as well as sheet music. Capitalizing on popular tastes of the era, his earlier works include Take It From Me: A Look in on the Other Fellow (1916), Drink and Be Sober (1916), and Live and Be Young (1920). An extensive collection of his literary works and personal papers are stored in the Library for Rare Books and Special Collections at Princeton University.

Eat and Grow Thin is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at your favorite bookstores. From everyone here at Cosimo, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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