Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy President's Day from Cosimo!

Grab one of these great historical reads to celebrate President's Day with Cosimo!

The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
Most famously known for writing the Declaration of Independence at age 33, Thomas Jefferson was one of the most influential politicians in American history. A member of the House of Burgess, the Continental Congress, Governor of Virginia, and member of the United States Congress, Jefferson reveals his view from inside the beginning of a country. This autobiography details 47 years of his life, from birth until his appointment as Secretary of State to President George Washington in 1790, giving intimate knowledge and background of the man who would become the third president of the United States of America.

The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses by Theodore Roosevelt
Of all the many sides of Theodore Roosevelt, politician and soldier, naturalist and historian, today he remains a grand symbol of booming American progress in the 20th century. Indeed, he is largely responsible for setting the nation on the course it has followed over those hundred years, as this 1904 volume handily demonstrates. This collection of speeches Roosevelt gave and essays he wrote from 1899 through 1901 illuminates his keen image of America as a nation strong of character, honest of leadership, and rich in material and moral wealth, and represents the splendid challenge he extended to the American people to match him in action and in spirit, and to create a political and social life for the country as robust as his own personal and public life was. This is, in the aggregate, a revealing picture of the character of one of the great American personalities.

Abraham Lincoln by Lord Charnwood
One of the most important works on Abraham Lincoln from the era when he was passing out of living memory and into history, this 1917 classic is a rich, evocative portrait of the man and how actions as a leader were shaped by his character and ideals. From its British perspective, offering a fresh angle on an American legend, to its charming readability, Charnwood's treatise, which was called, in 1947, "the best one-volume life of Lincoln ever written" by historian Benjamin Thomas, today remains one of the most intriguing examinations of the great president, and a keystone for understanding the evolution of Lincoln scholarship.

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States 
Through times of war and times of peace, periods of prosperity and scarcity, hours dark and bright, the continuation of the American government through legal, Constitutionally guaranteed means has never faltered. There can be no better representation of that marvel, unequaled in world history, than the inaugural addresses of incoming Presidents. A collection of first speeches from each of the nation's new leaders, plus the subsequent inaugural words of re-elected Presidents, Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States gathers in one important volume the thoughts of the first to the forty-fourth leader as he entered office. This updated edition includes speeches from Bill Clinton (42), George W. Bush (43) and Barack Obama (44), also the first African American president ever to take office.

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