Thursday, July 20, 2017

July Classic of the Month: 400 years of America

Grilling, fireworks, eating watermelon, and sunbathing are all traditional activities many Americans have been taking part in at various Fourth of July parties around the country. Cosimo is wishing the United States of America a big old HBD to with our July Classic of the Month 400 years of America: Her Discovery, History, Achievements and Politics by Georgie D. Runyan.

First published in 1892 by The New Era Company, 400 Years of America: Her Discovery, History, Achievements, and Politics was originally a supplement to a prohibitionist political magazine, published by the same company, titled The Question. 

Chapter 1 starts with U.S. history that predates Columbus, leading up to all the major points in American history until 1892 and the book's publication. Contents include Columbus' discovery of America in 1492 and other early settlements, the Massachusetts Bay pilgrims, the establishment of the Federation and the states, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and all accompanying presidencies and political parties. 

A comprehensive, if biased, history if ever there was one, 400 Years of America should interest any true history buff. 

About the Author
Mrs. Georgie D. Runyan was a women's news editor in Springfield, OH, the same city in which 400 Years of America, her only book, and The Question, a political prohibitionist magazine, were published.

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