Thursday, September 21, 2017

September Series of the Month: History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark

In recognition of the end of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (which began in May 1804 and lasted until September 1806), we have selected History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark by Elliot Coues as our September Series of the Month.

It is one of the grandest adventures in American history, and this is the premiere retelling of it. When explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on their continent-spanning journey across North America in 1804, they also began keeping daily journals full of detailed accounts of their travels and keen observations of the wildlife, flora, and native peoples they encountered. But it wasn't until 1893 that those journals were edited into this definitive presentation.

The original four-volume 1893 work is presented here in its entirety in three volumes, and including all of editor Elliot Coues's explanatory notes, chapter synopses, and more. Volume I also features a biography of Lewis written by Thomas Jefferson and a biography of Clark written by Coues. Volume II features the expedition's forging of the mighty Columbia River, encounters with Shoshone, Tillamook, and Chinnook Indians, and much more. 

As thrilling as it is informative, this is essential reading for anyone fascinated by the opening of the American frontier. 

About the Editor
American doctor, historian, ornithologist, and author Elliot Coues (1842-1899) helped create the taxonomic nomenclature still in use by zoologists. He wrote the foundational Key to North American Birds (1872) and edited The Travels of Zebulon M. Pike (1895).

The paperback retail list price for this series is: $53.97, but now our price is: $44.99 (you save $8.98 or a 16 percent discount)

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