Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December eBook of the Month: Quiet Talks on Prayer by Samuel Dickey Gordon

This month Cosimo presents Quiet Talks on Prayer by Samuel Dickey Gordon as our December eBook of the Month in honor of the Christmas holiday.

"You see sin is slapping God in the face. It may be polished, cultured sin. Sin seems capable of taking quite a high polish. Or it may be the common gutter stuff. A man is not concerned about the grain of a club that strikes him a blow. How can He and I talk together if I have done that, and stick to it-not even apologized. "
— from "Why the Results Fail"

What is prayer? Can humans influence God's will? Why does it seem that many prayers go unanswered? The mysteries of the communication between God and his faithful are explored in this 1904 guide to the power and puzzle of prayer: how God heeds our entreaties, the ideal spirit with which to pray, and even what prayer means in the grand scheme of The Universe. Those who pray will find this a source of comfort and enlightenment even today, a century after it was first published.

About the Author
American lay-preacher Samuel Dickey Gordon (1859-1936) was a devotional speaker in high demand throughout the early 1900s, as well as a prolific author of inspirational works. His "Quiet Talks" series includes Quiet Talks on Power and Quiet Talks About Jesus.

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