Thursday, May 10, 2018

Give the Gift of Reading this Mother's Day!

What better present is there for your best friend, mom, grandma, mother-in-law, mentor, or any other mother figure you may have? Why, a book of course! See our selection of books below we think your mom may like, wether she likes mysteries, short stories, or literary fiction!

Among the Himalayas by Laurence Austine Waddell

The soaring peaks of the greatest mountain range on Earth have long drawn visitors from around the globe, and one of the most famous of the 19th century was British adventurer and scholar Laurence Waddell, who spent most of a decade and a half exploring the nations that cling to the sides of the mighty mountains, learning the ways of their peoples, and sharing his experiences with Western readers. Here, in this 1899 classic of Himalayan travel, Waddell introduces us to the challenges of traveling in the region, takes us on visits to Nepalese and Tibetan tea gardens, journeys to monasteries, palaces, and temples, and much more. 

Penny's Gift by Edna Ventre-Auerfeld

Penny Chaney was a living miracle. The victim of a lethally sudden virus, no medicine could help her, and no doctor could bring her back. Then, in the realm between this world and the next, she was given a choice: enter the hereafter, or return to her life with the extraordinary ability to heal others -- but at a great personal price. Penny chose life. When her exceptional power is discovered, the world's reaction ranges from reverent awe to outraged disbelief. Penny and her family find themselves besieged by devoted followers as well as crass opportunists -- two of whom are seeking her out, each for personal reasons. One, driven by warped fanaticism, wants to kill her. The other will try to show her why she was chosen, and help her face the final, terrible cost of Penny's Gift.

A Dog of Flanders and Other Short Stories by Maria Louise and Beatrice Harraden

Here in one compact volume are five short stories-all set in Continental Europe-often hard to find on their own from 19th-century British writers, some still well known, some who have slipped into near obscurity: "The Bird on Its Journey," by suffragette writer Beatrice Harraden, "Koosje: A Study of Dutch Life," by John Strange Winter, "A Dog of Flanders," by Ouida, "Markheim," by Robert Louis Stevenson, and "Queen Tita's Wager," by William Black.

Compiled in honor of the American centennial in 1876 and consisting of recipes solicited from American women all over this country, this 1876 work is the best reflection we have today of how and what Americans ate in the mid 19th century. But this isn't just a vital work of culinary history-it's also bound to make you hungry for the hearty fare it promotes. Renowned for its extensive selection of recipes for cooking game-venison, rabbit, and game birds were staples of the American diet at the time, but instructions for preparing them became hard to find after game fell out of favor-this book also includes such delicious-sounding dishes as New Orleans Gumbo Soup, Barbecued Fish, Oyster Omelet, Beefsteak Pie, and much more.

Understanding your previous incarnations can turn into a fascinating journey of self-discovery and healing. You can gain insight into destructive habits that may have begun in a past life -- and then create a more positive and creative new life. In "Astrology and Your Past Lives," astrologer and regression therapist Jeanne Avery provides a simple yet profound way to understand one's blocks and blessings. By focusing on the meaning of one planet -- Saturn, the planet of limitations -- Avery shows how we "pick our own type of gravity" that connects this life to our previous incarnations.

Hatha Yoga Or, The Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being by Yogi Ramacharaka 

Followers of the early-20th-century "New Age" philosophy of New Thought believed they could learn the secrets of mind over matter, and one of their most influential teachers, enormously popular writer and editor William Walker Atkinson, writing pseudonymously here-revealed to them, in this 1904 work, the teachings of Hatha Yoga. His lessons cover: the body's Vital Force, the laboratory of the body, how what we eat impacts the "life fluid" of the blood, the yogi's approach to food and eating, the yogi theory of the "prana absorption" of nutrients, mastering "yogi breathing," harnessing "pranic energy," rules for relaxation, and much more.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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