Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June eBook of the Month: Noble Enterprise by Darwin Gillett

Happy graduation students! In celebration of all those who completed another year of school, are starting their first jobs, or who wish to grow in their careers, this June's eBook of the Month is for you!

If you want the insights, leadership tools-and inspiration-to create a noble enterprise and lead your people to new heights of performance, then Noble Enterprise by Darwin Gillett is the book for you.

In it you will learn how to:
- Strengthen your organization: Awaken and activate the rich array of human energy, wisdom, passion, and purpose in your organization
Revitalize your company: Create and implement a plan for turning around (and turning on) even the most "stuck" operation
- Build sustainable growth and profitability: Learn the secrets of corporate revitalization and apply them to achieve sustainable success
- Expand your leadership impact: Build employee morale and commitment-and help your people achieve big performance goals
- Inspire your people: Increase your people's enthusiasm and confidence, and turn your company into a high-performing noble enterprise

"A must-read for serious students and practitioners of leadership." 
      - Ken Bardach, associate dean and Charles and Joanna Knight Distinguished Director of   Executive Programs, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

About the AuthorDarwin Gillett is currently working with colleagues Ken Bardach, Bill Catucci, and Karen Jeisi to create a "Leadership Guidebook" for Noble Leaders. You can learn more about Noble Enterprise at the Noble Advisors website, where you can find information about Gillett's speaking engagements, Noble publications, and consulting.

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