Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heartland Successful Road Show to Rebuild America, organized by Cosimo Author Tom Croft

Thomas Croft, author of Up from Wall Street: The Responsible Investment Alternative  and Managing Director of Heartland Capital Strategies, launched a series of regional Responsible Investment Forums in 2012 to spur new investments for addressing capital gaps in the economy.  Under Heartland’s banner, four Forums were held in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Detroit, cities hard hit by the Great Recession.

.... as investment pioneer Phil Angelides warned in LA: ‘The ultimate tragedy of the past decade is that we created $13 trillion in mortgage securities  many of which were destructive  rather than deploying that capital in ways to make us a global leader in renewable energy or in rebuilding our infrastructure.’  
It’s clear that the Road Shows revealed a pent-up demand across the nation to forge new collaborations for rebuilding our economy – managers and capital stewards of workers’ capital willing to take a lead in realizing this goal.  Going forward, there is a consensus that Heartland can be a catalyst in advancing this collaboration.

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