Sunday, September 22, 2013

Banned Books Week 2013 Coverage

*Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association
Here at Cosimo we’re pretty passionate about Banned Books Week. As an independent publisher we know how hard it is for authors—particularly independent ones—to find both support for their publication and, ultimately, readership. It’s heartbreaking to imagine any of our authors having their works pulled from the shelves of a library or bookstore and kept from those who might be enriched by the ideas contained within. 

As a publisher focused on the publication of books that “inspire, inform and engage” we also know that books (or, rather, the ideas they contain) can sometimes be scary to some people, and misunderstood. But this is why we’re in publishing in the first place: because books can propel us into thinking about who we are, what we know, and how we feel. Is there really anything more incredible than the fact that a string of words can change the world?

At Cosimo we seek out titles concerned with personal development, socially responsible business, and economics/public affairs because we understand the impact of the written word, and we want our impact to be a positive one. We think it’s important to challenge yourself and others to think outside the box, expose yourself to ideas (even ones you disagree with) and BE INSPIRED, BE INFORMED.

We'll be discussing our favorite banned books all week on Twitter and Facebook. Let us know what you think about books that have been banned or challenged at some point in time. Stay posted for more!

For more information on Banned Books Week check out the comprehensive website from the American Library Assocation.

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