Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Organization of the Month: Praxis Peace Institute

Cosimo would like to highlight the Praxis Peace Institute as our Organization of the Month for May.

Praxis Peace Institute, based in Sonomo, California, is a non-profit peace education organization dedicated to deep inquiry, creative problem solving, and informed civic participation. In bringing together leading educators, researches, activists, and elected representatives, Praxis Peace Institute has established itself as a vehicle for practical workshops, cutting-edge conferences, and civic education. Their goal is to understand the failed mechanisms of the old systems in order to nurture the visions and alternative structures that support the evolution of systemic peace, social justice, and responsible stewardship of our planet.

Since its founding in 2001, Praxis Peace Institute programs have addressed some of the most relevant social challenges of our time. These areas include communication and conflict transformation, inquiries into the effects of culture and propaganda, participatory democracy and peace building, solutions to species' extinctions, and the exploration of what an economic system that supported peace would look like.

Praxis Peace Institute Imprint
Another initiative by Praxis, was when it responded to the libertarian conspiracy film Thrive with a pamphlet titled "Uncivil Liberties: Deconstructing Libertarianism," in which it carefully and concisely laid out the problems inherent in libertarian philosophy and why it is so appealing to today's society. In order to broaden the reach of this pamphlet, Praxis made it into a full fledged book that was published by Praxis's own imprint,  established with the help of Cosimo B2B - see below -.  As we are approaching the congressional elections later this year, this book is a must-read for anyone invested in modern politics and the future of the United States. Uncivil Liberties is available from most online bookstores.

Upcoming Praxis Conference
What: The Economics of Sustainability - Emerging Models for a Healthy Planet
When: October 6-9, 2014
Where: Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

About: This Praxis conference will showcase the economic and environmental models that have a proven track record in establishing a sustainable relationship with our planet and its inhabitants. Recognizing the severity of the environmental crises we face, the link between economics and environmental policies is a critical factor in achieving sustainable policies and lifestyles. For more information about the conference, panels, speakers, and how to register, please visit Praxis' events page.

Cosimo B2B

Cosimo B2B is Cosimo's services unit, that offers publishing services to organizations such as Praxis Peace Institute, who are considering setting up their own publishing company, in order to reach worldwide readership and enhance their brand name. We welcome those organizations and institutions that are aligned with Cosimo's mission of creating a smarter and more sustainable society by connecting people with valuable ideas. If your organization wants to know more about the benefits of having its own imprint and is interested in working with us to create such an imprint, please visit our private imprint page.


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  2. Our book "Uncivil Liberties" was inspired by our editor and Praxis ED, Georgia Kelly, to surface and examine the new variety of 'soft' libertarianism that has made headway in counter-culture circles. Each author approaches the problem from a different discipline and in sum it is a searing indictment and intellectual deconstruction of this noxious ideology. We may have a libertarian candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2016 in the person of Rand Paul, so it's time to dig this weed out by the roots and toss it on the scrap-bin of history, where it belongs.