Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Series of the Month: The Works of Thomas Jefferson

Cosimo is celebrating one of our most influential American politicians with our May Series of the Month, The Works of Thomas Jefferson by Paul Leicester Ford.

 Few men stand with as towering a stature in the annals of American legend as Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826). Author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, he ranks as one of the most significant of the United States' Founding Fathers, his political philosophies continuing to impact the nation to this day. 

In the late 19th century American biographer Paul Leicester Ford (1865-1902) assembled this collection of Jefferson's most important, most influential, and most revealing writings. This replica of the 12-volume "Federal Editionof 1904 is considered a masterpiece of historical scholarship, praised for its attention to detail as well as its objective dispassion toward its subject. 

Cosimo offers this 12 volume series by individual volume at leading online bookstores or as a full set in hardcover or paperback, especially of interest to politicians, collectors, who like to expand their personal library, or professional librarians. If you are interested in purchasing the full set, please contact us.


  • drafts of the Declaration of Independence 
  • notes on rules for the Continental Congress 
  • drafts of numerous bills 
  • correspondence to George Washington 
  • papers including "Opinion on Foreign Debt," "Report on Western Lands," 
  • letters from 1789-1792 to such persons as James Madison, John Jay, Marquis De Lafayette, Colonel Henry Lee
  • and much more!

The hardcover retail list price for this series: $359.88, but now:our price: $289.99  (you save $70 or a 20 percent discount)

The paperback retail list price for this series: $215.88, but now: our price: $169.99 (you save $46 or a 22 percent discount)

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