Thursday, June 19, 2014

June is International Crime Month!

International Crime Month is upon us again! In honor of all things mysterious, horrible, scary, curious, and creepy, Cosimo would like to showcase some of our fantastic crime titles from abroad.

The Middle East

The Tragedy of the Korosko by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
A group of Westerners on holiday in the Middle East are taken hostage while on a cruise down the Nile. What do their captors want? The terrorists will either kill them, or forcibly convert them to Islam. This novel from 1898 sounds earily similar to current events in the Middle East.

The United Kingdom

The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton
Chesterton is best remembered, perhaps, as a spinner of mystery tales, and for his recurring character of Father Brown. This 1914 collection of stories includes some of the crime-solving priest's greatest cases.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles: Hercule Poirots First Case by Agatha Christie
The mystery begins with the death of Emily Inglethorp at Styles, a manor in the English countryside. Captain Hastings, a guest at the house, calls upon his friend Poirot to help investigate. The obvious suspect is Emily's husband, who stood to inherit a large fortune upon her death. But the timeline doesn't quite work out, and Poirot must delve further into the lives and motivations of the family living at Styles to uncover who committed the crime.


An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay by Grant Allen 
Though Allen published what is considered one of the first Canadian science fiction books, The British Barbarians, in 1895, he is best remembered today for his creation of Colonel Clay: the first great thief of short mystery fiction. This series of witty, ironic tales (the complete adventures of the gentleman rogue) come complete with the charming original illustrations.

World Wide

The Lock & Key Library Series edited by Julian Hawthorne 
This unique 10 volume series contains a classic overview of the history of the genre. Here adventurous readers will find tales from ancient times, the first detective story of modern literature (Voltaire, Volume IV), and classic and beloved--but often hard-to-find--writings by the likes of Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, and other luminaries of fiction. For more information about this series or to purchase either the paperback or the hardcover volumes, please contact us.

For a complete list, please browse all of our mystery titles here.

This month-long initiative (started by four American publishers—Grove Atlantic, Akashic Books, Melville House, and Europa Editions) features international crime fiction authors, editors, critics, and publishers who will appear together in a series of readings, panels, and discussions during June. For upcoming events and for more information about this project, visit the International Crime Month Magazine.

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