Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Book of the Month: Mystic Journey by Robert Atkinson

For many, a new year symbolizes a new start, a new journey, or a hopeful beginning. It's what inspires us to make change---to finally begin, or do, what we have always hoped to. In excitement of the new year, and in anticipation of a new beginning, Cosimo is proud to present Mystic Journey by Robert Atkinson as our Book of the Month.

In this life-changing and award winning book, Atkinson uses a multi-faith approach to reveal the path of the soul. Guiding readers to use their life stories to help solidify their identities, live with an eternal perspective in mind, and reclaim their common spiritual heritage, Mystic Journey reveals why we are deeply connected to others. Getting to the heart of your soul is soul-making, and it is through this journey that leads us to personal and collective transformation.

This book is a must-read for any individual who seeks spiritual insight, or who simply wants to make positive changes to his/her life.

About the Author:
Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., an internationally recognized authority in helping people tell their life stories, is an author of eight books, professor of human development and religious studies, and director of the Life Story Center at the University of Southern Maine. He is online at

Cosimo is proud to offer this title in both paperback and eBook at leading online bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Amazon (Kindlepaperback).

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