Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mystic Journey Author Robert Atkinson on New Year's Resolutions

Our Book of the Month author, Robert Atkinson recently shared a thoughtful commentary on the transformation process and resolutions on his blog. In the spirit of the new year and new beginnings, Cosimo would like to highlight his reflections from the post.

"Even if we are not aware of this truth that we are living, as it might be especially difficult to do so when we are right in the midst of a struggle or conflict actually meant to lead us to and trough our own transformation, it is precisely this kind of challenge or “muddle” that is needed to show us the necessity of the difficulty. This is how we are led to a “resolution” and the completion of the transformation process." (To read the post in its entirety, please visit Robert's blog, Reflections for the Journey.)

Be sure to check out Robert's newest creation: StoryCommons, where life stories are recorded locally and shared globally. StoryCommons grew out of the Center for the Study of Lives, founded in 1988 by Robert as a research, educational, and service unit of the University of Southern Maine, and was founded in 2014.

About Robert Atkinson
Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., an internationally recognized authority in helping people tell their life stories, is an author of eight books, professor of human development and religious studies, and director of the Life Story Center at the University of Southern Maine. Find out more about Atkinson, his books, or to read his blog, please visit www.RobertAtkinson.net. Cosimo is proud to publish Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul's Story , a 2013 winner of the Bronze Living Now Book Award by Robert Atkinson.

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