Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Book of the Month: Classroom Struggles

This September, Cosimo is celebrating Classroom Struggles as our book of the month. This eye-opening work, originally published by Transitions and TOL Chalkboard, provides a collection of news and feature articles written by young journalists in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Russia.

Each informative article exposes the political and socio-cultural issues that hinder educational growth and prosperity in these regions. This collection offers insight with essays such as "Talking Past Another: Students in Crimea can learn in a variety of languages. Most choose Russian," "Running in Place: Despite Efforts to distance itself from Soviet times, the Ukrainian education system can't kick its old habits," and "A Terrible Thing to Waste: Education in Russia is becoming another tool of the ruling party."

Classroom Struggles: Education Reporting and Analysis from Transitions offers compelling insight into the classrooms of multiple areas around the world. This collection is a fascinating source for anyone interested in political issues, educational reform, and/or the mentioned regions.

About Transitions
Transitions is a nonprofit organization established to strengthen the professionalism, independence and impact of the news media in the post-communist countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union. Based in Prague, the organization does this through a combination of journalism and media training programs, and the publication of Transitions Online ( magazine.

Cosimo is proud to offer Classroom Struggles in paperback at leading online bookstores including Barnes & Noble (paperback) and Amazon (paperback).

Cosimo B2B is Cosimo's services unit, that offers publishing services to organizations such as Transitions, who are considering setting up their own publishing company, in order to reach worldwide readership and enhance their brand name. We welcome those organizations and institutions that are aligned with Cosimo's mission of creating a smarter and more sustainable society by connecting people with valuable ideas. If your organization wants to know more about the benefits of having its own imprint and is interested in working with us to create such an imprint, please visit our private imprint page.

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