Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets

William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer who ever lived. He has not only dominated the stage with his magnificent plays, but he has won the hearts of many with his exquisite, and clever sonnets. In fact, his sonnets are deemed so clever, that no, one clear interpretation exists for each. As a result, for centuries they have inspired classes and discussions within almost every University. They have driven scholars to dedicate their lives to understanding the works' meanings. Shakespeare's beautifully crafted language tells history, love, and love lost and has been the inspiration for many developments.

Cosimo shares with you one individual's detailed observations and interpretations of Shakespeare's sonnets, which open the mind's eye to a whole new view of the master-mind's work. Alan Tarica, although without a formal training in the Humanities, developed a keen interest in the poetic works. His interpretations, which are displayed on his website, have caught the eye's of many. If you are in need of an intellectual challenge, or are an avid reader of Shakespeare's sonnets, Alan Tarica's website is sure to interest you.

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