Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Many New Years" Poetry Collection for the Holidays by Vera Srbinović
Cosimo is proud to present this holiday season
Mnoge Nove Godine/Many NewYears, a beautiful New Year’s holiday collection of poems in English and Serbian (originally published by Dan Graf in Belgrade, Serbia.)

Ranging from the present back to 1998, award winning poet - and Cosimo author - Vera Srbinović showcases one poem for every year. The artwork in this hard cover book was created by the poet herself as colorful New Year’s cards symbolizing the events that took place that year. 

As this holiday season extends into next year for many Orthodox Christians, who will be celebrating Christmas on January 7 and New Year on January 14, Many New Years is the perfect holiday gift for poetry lovers, or those interested in European culture and history.
Vera Srbinović has received widespread praise for her work, including:
“Her poems are Pushkinesque, warm and tender.”
-  Politika (a leading Belgrade daily)

“Her poems seem to be sprinkled with gold-dust.”
- Snezana Lukić, in the Belgrade art magazine Bazar
But let her art speak for itself in the following poem from Many New Years:


As if the stars came down to Earth and Sea
Into this night on a black winged steed
They fly over cities, forests and fields
Celebrating the end of the year
Covered in pollen and snowflakes
In my eye covered with snow
Ancient nights repeat like a kaleidoscope
Light breeze strums the strings
Purple fires of Atlas
Covered in heavenly dust

Many New Years/Mnoge Nove Godine is in the U.S. only available from Amazon (or if bulk sales from Cosimo)

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