Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November eBook of the Month: Trauma Room One by Charles A. Crenshaw

We are continuing our spotlight on Trauma Room One by Charles A. Crenshaw by naming this classic title as our November eBook of the Month!

In this gripping account, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, one of the several Dallas surgeons who worked on JFK in Trauma Room One, shares what really happened within those walls.

In November of 1963, the doctors who tried to save President John F. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital agreed---either out of respect or fear---not to publish what they have seen, heard, or felt. But in 1990, Charles Crenshaw stepped forward and decided that the American people ought to know the truth.

In 1992, when the first edition of this book was published under JFK: Conspiracy of SilenceCrenshaw revealed what he never had the opportunity to tell the Warren CommissionCrenshaw states, "The wounds to Kennedy's head and throat that I examined were caused by bullets that struck him from the front, not the back, as the public has been lead to believe."

Shortly after publication, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) called Crenshaw's book a fabrication. But in court, the claim did not hold up, and Crenshaw subsequently prevailed in a defamation suit against JAMA. In the process, a number of new medical disclosures have emerged on the startling medical cover-up of the JFK assassination. This November when we remember President Kennedy's death, now already fifty-one years ago, Trauma Room One has become a classic book that shows current readers how President Kennedy was killed.

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