Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cosimo Author, Markku Siivola to Speak at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference

The 29th Annual International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference is in Berkeley, California, this year at the Doubletree hotel. The location is beautiful, but that’s not all this interesting conference has to offer. This year there are over a dozen presentations to choose from. Topics range from shamanism to neuroscience to dreams of soldiers and dreaming in prisons. Among these informative and scintillating presentations will be one from Cosimo’s own author, Markku Sivvola.  

In November 2011, Cosimo published Markku Siivola’s book Understanding Dreams: The Gateway to Dreams without Dream Interpretation. This informative and interesting book about the dream group process was originally written and published in Finnish and is now available in English from Cosimo. 

While Markku’s presentation will surely be exciting, the conference has much more to offer as well. There will be art and other workshops, academic papers, a juried art gallery, and morning dream-sharing groups and the annual conference ball night of fun: the Dream Ball and its dream-character costume contest.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goal Setting, Query Writing, and Picking Your Publisher

Last week, we discussed the three things you need in order to write an effective book. To recap, they are:
  1. Your book and/or topic must be UNIQUE to your platform and genre
  2. Your book--and definitely your topic--must be INTERESTING
  3. Your book must be WELL WRITTEN
In this installment of our "Get Published" series, we'll discuss how to approach the next step of the publishing process: finding an agent or publisher, or both.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dissector in the News

Danny Schechter has been busy lately, promoting his new books, talking about the upcoming election, the economy, and in general forcing us all to pay attention to what's really going on in the world.

In case you haven't gotten your media fix, here are two more offerings from Mr. Schechter. The first is an article he posted last week to the Huffington Post about money's influence in politics, particularly on election campaigns.Check it out for the scoop on how Republican and Democratic candidates are using--and making--those bucks.

Second is a radio interview about Danny's new book, Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector, on AM 1510's Revolution Boston. You can download and listen to the entire interview here.

Be sure to stay tuned next week for more info about Danny's new book!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, you think you're ready to write a book? (and other writing tips)

Being in the business of publishing, we get a lot of questions from authors and would-be authors about the publishing process, the time it takes from acquisition to publication, ebooks, distribution channels, marketing, and everything in between. These questions are valid and important, but sometimes in the midst of all the excitement of getting a book published and learning about the ins and outs of the publishing business, authors forget about the importance of focusing on their book.

This will be the first in a series of posts offering tips to authors who are curious about the publishing business. I'll not only address all of the usual concerns mentioned above, but also things like query letters, agents, submitting unsolicited manuscripts, finding the right publisher for you, what to expect (and not to expect) from your publisher, and how to focus on the goal for your book. To begin, we'll talk about whether you're even ready to write a book, let alone publish it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cosimo’s Classic of the Month: A book from the 19th Century Martha Stewart.

In the interest of spring cleaning Cosimo has chosen a classic that would make Martha Stewart proud: Mrs. Beeton's Cookery Book and Household Guide by Isabella Mary Beeton.  Mrs. Beeton was the 19th century's Martha Stewart, and she is responsible for organizing the rules of domestic life into the first easy-to-follow guide. She was a British writer who caused a sensation in 1861 when she published her guide to proper Victorian housekeeping, known under various unofficial titles, including Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management.

Though you may have your doubts this book is still highly useful today. Beeton's tome is a masterly compendium of practical information, and covers such essential topics as:

  • recipes of cooking all manner of meat, fish, vegetable, pudding, and pastry
  • hints on the proper arrangement of a functional kitchen
  •  ideas for table decorations (including the correct way to fold napkins)
  • tips for carving poultry
  • charts on the seasons and prices (in the 1800s, of course) of all manner of edibles
This charming replica of the "new and greatly enlarged" 1890 edition features all of the original diagrams, illustrations, menus, lists, and other particulars and minutiae that made this work so beloved in its day, and continues to ensure its popularity today. Organizers, neat freaks, home makers, and Martha Stewart enthusiasts will love this easy to follow guide into Victorian home making.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barbara Bizou’s Joy of Family Ritual is May’s Book of the Month

With mother’s day around the corner, it made sense for us to choose a book about families and celebrating families for our book of the month.  Every day families are performing rituals: eating dinner together, celebrating birthdays, taking walks, and more. Most activities families do together become rituals for how they grow and live as a family. 

The Joy of Family Rituals: Recipes for Everyday Living is a recipe book for families who want to further enrich their lives with rituals. By reflecting on the significance of the everyday rituals and making them a part of daily life, families can strengthen their bond. Rituals help a family communicate, foster spiritual connections, and provide a secure foundation for growth. Though rituals are probably already a part of your family life, The Joy of Family Ritual can help incorporate even more rituals into your daily life.

BARBARA BIZIOU is an internationally acclaimed teacher of practical spirituality and global rituals. She is a life coach, voice dialogue facilitator, interfaith minister, and motivational speaker. She has lectured and taught around the world. She currently resides in New York managing her company, Blue Lotus Productions. You can visit her online at

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joining the 1% for the Planet Family

Cosimo is always looking for new ways to help the planet and reinforce our mission to create a smart and sustainable society by connecting people with valuable ideas. So our decision to join 1% for the Planet and it's beneficial work was a simple one.  Read our formal announcement about joining the 1% for the Planet family.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book review Dare to Care: Why Our Current Financial Crisis is a Crisis of Consciousness

Dare to Care: A Love Based Foundation for Money and Finance has received yet another review. Maddy Harland co-founder and editor of Permaculture Magazine ( has written the review which can be found here.  The review discusses confronting the world's financial issues and what a care based economy would look like, based on what Louis Bohtlingk describes in his book and comes to a positive conclusion that not only is Bohtlingk's system a possibility, it would serve the greater good. Read it!