Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A New You For the New Year

As the new year approaches many people find themselves taking stock of their past year, analyzing their accomplishments and failures and deciding on new goals and resolutions for the coming year. For many it's a surprisingly tough part of the year, as all the stress of the holiday season melts away and finds us at our most introspective and self-critical. We criticize ourselves for the sweets we ate at Christmas, the choices that didn't yield quite the results we expected, or the relationships that ended. Self-introspection can be a powerful (and, indeed, necessary) thing, but we have to engage in it in a way that yields positivity and proactivity.

At Cosimo our motto is "Be inspired. Be informed." Our motto is not just about understanding the world around us, however--it's also about the importance of understanding ourselves and inspiring ourselves (and our readers) to be stronger, better people. With that in mind, we'd like to recommend a few spirituality and personal development titles that we love, and which help the reader generate positivity and understanding both outwards to others and inwards towards the self. We think they're the perfect companion to a New Year's resolution, and guidebooks to a New You in the New Year.

Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul's Story, by Robert Atkinson
Mystic Journey is an award-winning work on the process of "soul-making," helping the reader understand themselves and connect to others. It asks the reader to recognize the "patterns of transformation" that unfold in our lives, and how we all share a spiritual heritage. Mystic Journey is a wonderful text for those interested in practicable soul-making and self-actualization. Mystic Journey is available via Google Books, Amazon (for Kindle and Paperback), Barnes & Noble (for Nook and Paperback), and is available for digital download at a special December price of just $4.99 at reKiosk.

The Joy of Ritual: Spiritual Recipes to Celebrate Milestones, Ease Transitions, and Make Every Day Sacred, by Barbara Biziou
Our September Book of the Month, Biziou's Joy of Ritual is a recipe book for fortifying the soul. Biziou's recipes integrate ritual and spiritual practices into our daily lives to help us cope with transitions and changes. By integrating the sacred into our lives, rituals allow us to stabilize our lives and transform the ordinary into moments of reflection and self-understanding. This easy-to-use recipe book provides practicable ceremonies the reader can use in their daily life to center themselves, or to honor special occasions and milestones. The Joy of Ritual is available in various digital formats, including for the Kindle, as well as in paperback. Be sure to check out Biziou's new website, with weekly vlogs and affirmations.

The Self-Inquiry Process: Using Powerful Questions to Awaken Awareness, by Linda Brierty
Brierty's Self-Inquiry Process is an experiential workbook for the reader seeking to understand themselves through an active questioning of the self. The Self-Inquiry Process guides the reader through a journey of self-discovery through the positing of questions, from simple and direct to more complex questions like "What is the difference between surrender and giving up?" The workbook is meant to help the reader better understand--and love--themselves. The Self-Inquiry Process is available in Paperback via Amazon and B&N, for Kindle, Nook, and other eReader formats.

The Book of Balance, by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura
"The Tao Eternal is beyond definition. / No name given can capture its eternality."
Translated from Tao Teh Ching, by Lao Tzu, The Book of Balance provides a foundation for the reader to gain spiritual insight and character development. Lao Tzu is often considered the founder of philosophical Taoism, and this translation is considered a particularly artful translation, maintaining the poetics of the text without sacrificing its complexity. The Book of Balance is a challenging yet rewarding read, available as a Google Book, for Kindle, and in Paperback via B&N and Amazon.

Everything You Want to Know About TM--Including How to Do It, by John White
TM, or Transcendental Meditation, is a powerful form of meditation that helps reduce stress and create a state of relaxed awareness. White provides a comprehensive history of TM and other forms of meditation, allowing the reader to understand the deep history of the process they are about to undertake. White's history and analysis of TM provides a helpful background to the TM user, who can then use the chapter "How to Do TM" to begin practicing TM themselves. White's work is available in Paperback and for Kindle via Amazon, for Nook and in Paperback via B&N, and in various digital formats at reKiosk.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mystic Journey on Sale for the Holidays

For a limited time only we're offering Mystic Journey, Getting to the Heart of Your Soul's Story, by Robert Atkinson, at a special holiday price; till the end of the month you can purchase a digital copy of this enlightening work for just $4.99 for your Kindle or other eReader (also available in paperback).
"Over time, I became even more curious about what it was that inspires and motivates elders to live life so deeply. That was the seed of what ultimately led me years later to a career in teaching human development and helping people tell their life stories." - Robert Atkinson, in an interview with reKiosk contributor Firouz Ardalan 
Mystic Journey was recently awarded the 2013 Bronze Living Now Book Award in the "enlightenment & spirituality" category. This life-changing work instructs readers on the process of "soul-making," helping them determine who they are, connecting them to both themselves and others, and transforming their lives for the better. Through Mystic Journey the reader gets to the "heart of their soul's story."

For more information on Robert Atkinson and soul-making, check out his website, featuring the author's personal reflections about the mystic journey and excerpts from this award-winning title. And check out this fascinating interview with online marketplace reKiosk, wherein Atkinson discusses how he became fascinated with the telling of personal stories, the soul's journey, and how modern technology has changed the way we interact with ourselves and others.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Series of the Month: The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

"Marley was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that." - A Christmas Carol

As the author of one of the most well-loved (and oft-retold) Christmas stories, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens remains inextricably linked in our minds to the holiday season. Who can help but think of Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts that visit him, reminding him of the spirit of Christmas and kindness? Every holiday season this beloved tale is broadcast on television, presented on stage, and read by fireside. It's a quintessential holiday text that has inspired many a disgruntled person to utter the phrase "Bah! Humbug!"

A Christmas Carol remains one of the most popular Dickens adaptations despite the fact that it's one of Dickens' slighter works; as a novella, it's quite a bit shorter than the average Dickensian epic. But did you know it's not the author's only Christmas tale? Two entire volumes of The Complete Works of Charles Dickens are devoted to his Christmas stories. The volume entitled "A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books" includes: A Christmas CarolThe ChimesThe Cricket on the HearthThe Battle of Life, and The Haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain. The volume simply called "Christmas Stories" includes tales Dickens originally published in his own magazines, including: The Seven Poor Travelers, The Holly-tree Inn, The Haunted House, The Schoolboy's Story, and What Christmas Is as We Grow Older."
"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!"   - A Christmas Carol
It's in celebration of Dickens's endearing and enduring work that we chose The Complete Works of Charles Dickens as our Series of the Month for December. This month we celebrate Dickens' incredible talents as the author of some of the world's most beloved and well-known novels. We celebrate a man whose works remain foremost in the popular imagination, continually serving as a source for adaptation to stage and screen. Indeed, the grandiose scope of his works practically beg for film and stage adaptations, as these stories remain relevant and compelling: themes regarding man's struggle to be good, the cruelness of class struggle, and a person's desire to belong remain as relevant today as they were in Dickens' Victorian London.
"Welcome, old aspirations, glittering creatures of an ardent fancy, to your shelter underneath the holly! We know you, and have not outlived you yet." - What Christmas Is as We Grow Older

The Complete Works of Charles Dickens is a 30-volume set reproduction of the original edition, complete with original illustrations, in affordable paperback or beautiful hardcover. This essential collection is available as a wonderful gift set or by individual volume. 

Please contact us today for a special discount of 20% off the list price for the full set, or purchase your particular favorites by volume at Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twelve Years a Slave Now Available

"Having been born a freeman, and for more than thirty years enjoyed the blessings of liberty in a free State--and having at the end of that time been kidnapped and sold into Slavery, where I remained, until happily rescued in the month of January, 1853, after a bondage of twelve years--it has been suggested that an account of my life and fortunes would not be uninteresting to the public."

We're pleased to announce that we now offer Solomon Northup's powerful, heartbreaking biographical tale Twelve Years a Slave in both paperback and hardcover, reproduced from its original edition.

This work, originally published in 1853, details Northup's experiences as a free Black man sold into slavery. This harrowing narrative provided factual validation for Harriet Beecher Stowe's fictional Uncle Tom's Cabin. Stowe's work was often maligned and ridiculed by plantation owners who refused to acknowledge the true treatment of slaves in the United States, but Northrup's detailed account of his treatment solidified the facts of the situation, particularly because his enslavement was geographically near the setting of Stowe's work.

Twelve Years a Slave was a bestseller in its time and remains one today. Northrup's work sold approximately 30,000 copies copies when it was first released, and has made the Top Ten of the New York Times Non-Fiction Bestseller list for 2013. Renewed interest in this work stems, in part, to a recent film adaptation by Steve McQueen, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, and Brad Pitt. It is considered a contender for major honors during the upcoming awards season and has sparked continued debate about the history of this nation and how we represent its events onscreen.

Twelve Years a Slave is available in hardcover and paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. This must-read is available in a beautiful replica hardcover edition for just $19.79 at Amazon.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NYPD Commissioner Cites Children's Book as Inspiration

At Cosimo we believe wholeheartedly in the idea that books can inspire, inform, and change people for the better. This belief encourages us to publish new works that challenge the way we think about business practice, personal well-being, and public affairs. It's also why we publish reproductions of ground-breaking Classics like Twelve Years a Slave. We believe that all books--whether they be renowned Classics or fledgling new releases--can absolutely change someone's life.

That's why we loved hearing about Bill Bratton, the new NYPD police commissioner, who recently suggested that a book inspired him to become a police officer. When Bratton's position was announced, the newly-announced commissioner clutched a copy of Your Police, the children's book by George Zaffo. Bratton says this children's book--about understanding the police and how they operate in a big city--inspired a life-long love of the NYPD and policing.

Bratton's appreciation has inspired renewed interest in this forgotten treasure. Though sadly George Zaffo has passed on, Zaffo's son Thomas says the family is enjoying the attention that Bratton has brought to his father's work, suggesting all this press "would have been one kick for him."

Here's hoping that Your Police finds its way back to bookshelves soon, possibly even as a Cosimo Classic. A title that can inspire a man to rise to the rank of police commissioner is certainly a title that inspires and informs.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Today the memorial for Nelson Mandela is being held in Johannesburg. The interfaith ceremony features prayers, eulogies by members of Mandela's family, and remarks by four presidents and a vice-president. It is expected that the 95,000-capacity stadium where the memorial will take place will be filled, and fittingly so for a man whose impact on the world he leaves behind is inexpressible. As South African President Jacob Zuma said:
"Our nation has lost its greatest son. Our people have lost a father. Although we knew that this day would come, nothing can diminish our sense of a profound and enduring loss. His tireless struggle for freedom earned him the respect of the world. His humility, his compassion, and his humanity earned him their love."
We feature today an interview with Cosimo author Danny Schechter, who has spent years working in South Africa and released six films about Mandela. Schechter most recently published Madiba A to Z: The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela in conjunction with the release of the Mandela biopic Long Walk to Freedom. In an interview with Democracy Now!, Schechter talks about Mandela's enduring legacy and his experiences in South Africa.

For more on South African history and Mandela's influence, check out Schechter's Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector, available for Kindle, Nook, and in paperback. In Blogothon, Schechter devotes a chapter to his experiences in South Africa over the first decade of the 21st century, including the corruption and deprivation he witnessed "Twenty-one Years After 'Freedom'". We also recommend readers interested in understanding the foundations of apartheid in South Africa pick up a copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Great Boer War, which details the war in South Africa between the British Army and Dutch settlers (available in paperback at B&N and Amazon).

For more on Mandela's legacy--including musical tributes and a glimpse at how front pages around the world are memorializing this great man--see the New York Times' coverage.

Classic of the Month: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

"The sweet generousness of his work caused a few selfish folk to sneer, but even these were forced to admit their respect for a man so gentle-natured that he loved to devote his life to pleasing the helpless little ones of his race."

Our Classic of the Month is The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, a wonderful 'history' of Santa Claus from L. Frank Baum, the author who brought us the beloved tale The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus provides an unusual and fanciful origin story for Santa, suggesting that Neclaus was abandoned as a baby and adopted by the fairy queen Necile (Neclaus meaning "Necile's Little One"). Baum's Santa is a mortal living among fairies and other fantastical creatures.

 As an adult he returns to the human world to discover it is full of dark things like poverty and war; as a result of what he has witnessed, Neclaus makes it his mission to gladden the hearts of the world's children. He settles in the Laughing Valley of Hohaho and brings toys to all children (both good and bad) because
"He knew that the best of children were sometimes naughty, and that the naughty ones were often good. It is the way with children, the world over, and he would not have changed their natures had he possessed the power to do so."

This wonderfully unique version of the Claus story weaves traditional tales of Santa Claus with epic battles against evil creatures. Readers learn the origins of Santa's first toy, how he found his reindeer, and why the first stockings were hung by the fireplace. Interwoven with these charming stories are lessons to learn about kindness, humanity, and charity.

Originally published in 1902, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus continues to charm and inspire children every year. It has been reproduced for television and film, and was even turned into a graphic novel by well-known artist Mike Ploog.

This wonderful book is available in affordable paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Book of the Month: The Christmas Mice

"Isn't that strange? It took some babies to teach grown-ups to be nice to each other. Do you suppose that has anything to do with Christmas?" - The Christmas Mice

Our Book of the Month for December is The Christmas Mice, a charming children's tale about two young mice who are outcasts because they differ from the average mouse--Roger and Emily are born green and red, the colors of Christmas.

The other mice tease them for being different ("...they weren't nicemice--they were meanmice"), so Roger and Emily live in the forest away from the others. As time goes by, however, Roger is inspired by both the birth of his children and the presence of a majestic Christmas tree to reach out to the other mice and teach them about love, difference, acceptance, and brotherhood.

The moral of The Christmas Mice is told with great humor by author John White, whose sweet and clear prose are enhanced by the whimsical full-color illustrations provided by Dorothy L. Hall.

The story's moral, coupled with its emphasis on the meanings and joys of Christmas, makes The Christmas Mice a perfect book to read to the young child in your life.

The Christmas Mice is available in digital formats at a special price of only $6.99 via reKiosk, in paperback at Amazon, and in paperback and for your Nook at Barnes & Noble online. It is also available for your Kindle.

About the Author:
John White is an internationally-known author in the fields of consciousness research and higher human development. You can find his most recent work on America, Freedom and Enlightenment at his blog here, and look for his forthcoming book of the same name.

About the Illustrator:
Dorothy L. Hall is an illustrator, art teacher, and cartoonist. You can see more of her work here.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Selections for the Book Worm

As the holidays approach, we'd like to offer some suggestions for the Book Worm in your family.

You can check out our Classic Holiday Books page here, but we'd like to make some additional suggestions for the various types of literature lovers in your family.


The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, by L. Frank Baum

From the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, comes a charming work that imagines Santa Claus was raised by a fairy  queen in an enchanted forest. This wonderful paperback tale explains why Santa travels at night, enters homes by chimney, and how Santa ended up traveling with the eight reindeer we know so well. [B&N/Amazon]


Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm, by Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm

Any fairy tale lover will enjoy this replica of an 1886 edition of tales by the Brothers Grimm. This lovely addition features 53 of their beloved stories, translated by Lucy Crane and featuring line drawings by her brother, William Crane. These wonderfully creepy tales are available in hardcover and paperback. [B&N/Amazon]


Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, by Loren Coleman

This haunting book details encounters with strange and wondrous creatures, including thunderbirds, lizardmen, and the infamous Mothman. It even includes extensive appendices that detail areas of the US that suffer from "high strangeness"--an affinity for supernatural phenomena and unusual occurrences. Mothman is a great introduction to cryptozoology scholarship, and one of many unique cryptozoology titles available at Cosimo in paperback or digital formats. [B&N/Kindle/Amazon/ePub formats]


Abraham Lincoln: A History (10 volume set), by John M. Hay and John G. Nicolay

Our large collection of American history books includes many works by and about the American Presidency.

 This incredible 10-volume set (available by individual volume or set) details Lincoln's life and administration as told by his personal secretaries, Hay and Nicolay. These replica volumes are available and hardcover or paperback, and feature the original illustrations. History fans can read the whole series or select volumes based on particular interest, including his childhood, early legislative practices, or the Civil War. (Contact us directly for a discounted full-set price.) [Amazon/B&N]

For more suggestions visit our shop to browse by interest.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Sales

It's Cyber Monday! 

In honor of this busiest of e-tail days, we've got some special promotions!

reKiosk E-Titles ON SALE
All of our eBooks available at reKiosk are under $9.99 for the entire month of December! Half of our titles are as little as $6.99 in various digital formats for your eReader. (Titles available in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub.) Browse our e-Kiosk here for discounted titles on topics including self-help, paranormal events, and spirituality.

20% OFF on Series and Collections
Be sure to browse our online shop as well for other wonderful books available in hard and soft cover. We are currently offering 20% off the list price and free shipping to the contiguous U.S. on our unique and beautiful collections and series, including The Complete Works of Charles Dickens, Arabian Nights, and The Five Foot Shelf of Classics. (Please contact us directly to order a full set at this specially reduced price!)

Christmas Titles and Other Classics Available
If you're looking for a gift for a fan of the Classics, check out our Classic Holiday Books page for suggestions including The Christmas Mice, a charming child's tale with beautiful color illustrations available both via the reKiosk digital sale and in paperback. This charming tale of two friendly mice is just one of our lovely Christmas titles. We also have Classics like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates.