Saturday, December 26, 2015

35th Anniversary of the Rendlesham Incident - UFO invasion of the UK

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Rendlesham Incident, Cosimo is highlighting Left at East Gate by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins.

In December 1980, Larry Warren was a member of the Air Force security police stationed at RAF Bentwaters, a NATO base in Great Britain. On the night of the 28th he was on guard duty when he was taken by truck to join other Air Force personnel to investigate a disturbance in a Rendlesham Forest about five miles away, which turned out to be a landed UFO.

This was the third night of UFO activity in the area and by far the most profound. When the men were debriefed the next day, they were warned to tell no one about what they had seen-as "bullets are cheap." And so began what would turn out to be the best documented and most significant military-UFO incident in history.

This remarkable story, told with the help of investigative writer Peter Robbins, was the basis of the Sci Fi Channel's documentary UFO Invasion at Rendlesham.

About the Author
Peter Robbins is one of the most respected and best-known investigative writers on the serious study of UFOs. He's been involved with extraterrestrial phenomena for more than thirty years as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist, consultant, author, and conference organizer. Peter is a regular fixture on radio shows around the country and in the United Kingdom. He is also co-host of the monthly program "Encounters" on GRA Network Radio. He is often a guest on and consultant to numerous television shows and documentaries. Robbins' articles, essays, commentaries, and columns have appeared online and in numerous print publications. He is a popular lecturer at colleges, universities, and conferences both here and abroad.

To learn more about Peter Robbins, his new book Halt in Woodbridge, his documentary Travis, or other UFO cases, check out his recent interview on Fringe Radio.

Peter Robbins is the co-author of the British bestseller Left At East Gate: A First Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up and Investigation. Cosimo is proud to present this title in paperbackhardcover, and eBook editions.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Series of the Month: The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!"   - A Christmas Carol

With Christmas right around the corner, it's inevitable that Scrooge and Oliver Twist will be popping up on everyone's television. However, Charles Dickens' fascinating works are truest in their original form--books. This month, Cosimo is excited to present The Complete Works of Charles Dickens as our December Series of the Month.

Charles Dickens is iconic, legendary, and masterfully clever. In these thirty beautiful volumes, which include each and every work written by Charles Dickens, readers can immerse themselves in the mind of one of history's most celebrated literary geniuses. He is entirely responsible for the popular image of Victorian London that still lingers today, and his many celebrated characters are mentioned time and time again. But it was his stirring portraits and his fervent cries for social, moral, and legal justice for the working poor in the grim early decades of the Industrial Revolution that powerfully impacted social concerns well into the 20th century.

This essential collector's set will excite librarians, professors, students of literature, and the passionate reader. Cosimo offers this series by individual volume at leading online bookstores or as a full 30-volume set in hardcover or paperbackIf you are interested in purchasing the full set, please contact us.
The paperback retail list price for this series is: $389.70 but now our price is: $311.99 (you save $77.71 or a 20 percent discount) and free shipping.

The hardcover retail list price for this series is: $899.70, but now our price is: $719.99 (you save $179.71 or a 20 percent discount) and free shipping.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Classic of the Month: Old Christmas

In the spirit of the holiday season, Cosimo is happy to announce Old Christmas by Washington Irving as our Classic of the month for December!

"After the dance was concluded, the whole party was entertained with brawn and beef, and stout home-brewed. The Squire himself mingled among the rustics, and was received with awkward demonstrations of deference and regard." -- from Christmas Day

Warmly convivial and delightfully festival, this charming and long forgotten holiday classic, by one of American literature's most beloved writers, was inspired, in part, by Dickens' A Christmas Carol and other celebrations of oldtime Yule.

Splendid suppers and rural churches, cheerful dances and hearty spirits imbue this short novel with the magic of the season. This festive work, first published in 1896, deserves to be a holiday tradition alongside Dickens in the celebrations of the winter solstice.

About the Author
American author Washington Irving (1783-1859) wrote extensively in the areas of history and historical biography but is best known for his short fiction, including "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle."

Old Christmas is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at your favorite bookstores. From everyone here at Cosimo, we wish you a very merry and festive holiday season!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Book of the Month: The Christmas Mice

"Isn't that strange? It took some babies to teach grown-ups to be nice to each other. Do you suppose that has anything to do with Christmas?" - The Christmas Mice

Our festive Book of the Month for the last month of 2015 is The Christmas Mice by John White and illustrated by Dorothy L. Hall.

The Christmas Mice, a tale for children, is a heartwarming story of love and acceptance. It tells of two mice, Roger and Emily, who are outcasts from their community because they are different. One is green, the other is red-the colors of Christmas.

Encouraged by the birth of his children and the beauty of a Christmas tree, Roger teaches the rest of the meadowmice an important lesson about love and brotherhood. As the two main characters gain acceptance and understanding from the other mice, the importance of peace and oneness of all life is sensitively communicated.

The Christmas Mice is a touching tale with a powerful message that will delight young readers of all ages. The book is available in paperback at Amazon, and in paperback at Barnes & Noble. It is also available for your Kindle.

About the Author
John White is an internationally-known author in the fields of consciousness research and higher human development. His writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers around the world, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Omni, Esquire and Woman's Day, and his books have been translated into ten languages. He holds a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and a master of arts degree in teaching from Yale University. He has served on the governing and consulting boards of various academic and research organizations. He has also lectured at various colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada, and has made numerous radio and television appearances.

About the Illustrator
Dorothy L. Hall is an illustrator, art teacher, and cartoonist. She worked as a visual journalist for 20 years and taught Newspaper Design and Magazine Editing and Production at Southern Conn. State University. During the 70’s she was a muralist for the Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut, and has had seven one-woman shows of her paintings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Book of the Month: Supermarket Sorceress

In excitement of this magical time of year, Cosimo is happy to present The Supermarket Sorceress: Spells, Charms, and Enchantments Using Everyday Ingredients to Make Your Wishes Come True by Lexa Roséan as November's book of the month.

In this enchanting book, experienced psychic, witch, and high priestess Lexa Roséan offers spells for every occasion in an amusing, magically effective, and easy-to-follow guide. Formulating spells based on history and legend, Lexa tailors tried-and-true Ancient Magick to the modern reader, substituting hard-to-find wild ingredients with their supermarket counterparts, resulting in spells that are simple and inexpensive. By following some simple rules--performing spells at a certain time of month, using fresh ingredients, with a specific intent--Lexa makes it possible for even the most inexperienced spell caster to successfully perform magick and get results. Lexa's philosophy is based on using your wishes and her spells to make positive things happen in your life, whether it's attracting success or improving your love life.

The Supermarket Sorceress was the first in a series of four books offering spells and enchantments using simple grocery-store ingredients. Originally published in 1996, this updated version includes new and revised spells and an introduction looking back 20 years and reflecting on the circumstances that inspired the original publication and launched the "Supermarket Sorceress" identity.

The Supermarket Sorceress is available in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and in various eBook formats.

About the Author:
Lexa Roséan is a Wiccan High Priestess and has been counseling clients for more than thirty years through the medium of psychic Tarot and astrology. She also holds a master's degree in psychoanalysis. A leading pagan author, Lexa has published eight books on magick and the occult. She wrote the astrology column for CosmoGirl and worked as an astrology consultant for Seventeen magazine. The Village Voice named Lexa NYC's Best Witch and she has made numerous television appearances, including CNN, Fox News, and MTV. She has been written about in various news media including the New York Times, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly, among others. For more information see her website.

Need a gift idea? This Black Friday deal comes to you from our November Book of the Month Author,  Lexa Roséan! Hurry, this offer ends at midnight on November 27!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Series of the Month: Makers of History

In honor of Jacob Abbott's birthday, we here at Cosimo are proud to announce Makers of History as our November series of the month.

Abraham Lincoln raved that this series of historical biographies gave him "just that knowledge of past men and events which I need. I have read them with the greatest interest. To them I am indebted for about all the historical knowledge I have." 

Considered what we would now call "young adult" literature, this 31-volume collection, first published between 1848 and 1871, was designed to present a clear, distinct, connected narrative of the lives of the great figures of world history, those people who have been most influential, at least as American author and educator Jacob Abbott saw it from his 19th-century perspective. Wildly popular and republished many times under different collected names, this replica set mimics the 1904 reprint known as the "Makers of History" series. It will delight students of history as well as show the scholar how history telling has changed over the last few centuries. It is a must for many to read, as George Santayana once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Cosimo offers this 31 volume series by individual volume at leading online bookstores or as a full set in hardcover or paperback, especially of interest to historians, collectors, who like to expand their personal library, or professional librarians. If you are interested in purchasing the full set, please contact us.

Discover the history of:

  • King Alfred of England
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Julius Caesar
  • Maria Antoinette
  • Hannibal, the Carthaginian
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
  • and many, many more!

The hardcover retail list price for this series is: $869.68, but now our price is: $699.99 (you save $170 or a 20 percent discount)

The paperback retail list price for this series is: $511.68, but now our price is: $399.99 (you save $112 or a 22 percent discount)

Monday, November 16, 2015

November Classic of the Month: The Cook's Oracle

In spirit of the holidays and in preparation of holiday meals, Cosimo is thrilled to present The Cook's Oracle by William Kitchiner as it's November classic of the month. 

This newly released edition of The Cook's Oracle is an exact replica of Dr. Kitchiner's original book first published in 1829. A bestseller in its day, Kitchiner's fundamentals of 19th-century cookery cover every essential meal and topping to any feast, from meat & fish to puddings & pies, including many of his favorite recipes. Interestingly enough, he toured with a moveable taste cabinet -- a folding cupboard stocked with his unique mustards and sauces. And, unlike most food writers of the era, he whipped up the recipes himself, carried out the dreaded after-dinner clean up, and did all his own housework. A marvelous culinary artifact of 19th-century cookery, this book is certain to delight both social historians and food-lovers alike. 

About the Author:

William Kitchiner M.D. was an optician, inventor of telescopes, amateur musician and exceptional cook. His name was a household word during the 19th century, and his Cook's Oracle was a bestseller in England and America. 

The Cook's Oracle is available in Paperback  on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cosimo Authors Hazel Henderson & Louis Bohtlingk on Radio Show

Mitchell Rabin from recently interviewed Cosimo Authors Hazel Henderson & Louis Bohtlingk about Bohtlingk's book Dare To Care.

In a round table discussion,  Bohtlingk and Henderson reviewed how to re-create a health relationship with money and re-design our thinking and actions around money to be life-affirming and used sacredly instead of as a weapon.

To listen to the full radio interview, or read the transcript, please visit A Better World.

About Louis Bohtlingk
Bohtlingk is a visionary who has worked as a counselor for more than 30 years. With his wife Sandra, he has created multiple platforms with which to address the money issues that individuals and companies experience. Louis is also the creator of the "Meeting the Mystery of Money" workshop, which has been held throughout the U.S., the U.K., and the Netherlands and helps individuals to reorganize their finances and lives with a care-first approach. You can learn more about the work Louis and Sandra do on their website, 

About Hazel Henderson
Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, president of Ethical Markets Media, is a futurist, evolutionary economist, and author of award-winning Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, among other books. She leads the Transforming Finance initiative, created the Green Transition Scoreboard, co-developed with Calvert the GDP alternative now renamed the Ethical Markets Quality of Life Indicators and co-organized the Beyond GDP conference for the European Commission. In 2010, 2012 and 2013, she was honored as one of the "Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior" by Trust Across America. In 2012, she was named to the Post Growth Institute (En)Rich List as a top 100 luminary inspiring global prosperity beyond economic wealth; and, honored for her lifetime achievement with the Award for Natural Law and Order from the Maharishi University School of Management and with the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Development of ESG & Investing at TBLI Europe.  Henderson is also a co-author with Barbara Marx-Hubbard and Jean Houston of  The Power of Yin (Cosimo Books, 2007.)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Supermarket Sorceress is Back with Spells and Charms for Halloween

As children, party-goers, and communities celebrate Halloween, Wiccans also celebrate this holiday as the eve of the first day of their calendar year. This magical time of the year offers an excellent opportunity to focus your energy on making your wishes come true with the help of spells and charms, whether it’s about love, health, money, or protection.

Cosimo is happy to announce the release of The Supermarket Sorceress, Charms, and Enchantments Using Everyday Ingredients to Make Your Wishes Come True by experienced psychic, witch and wiccan high priestess, Lexa Roséan. This is a newly revised classic from the 1990s, on how to make your wishes come true with spells, charms and enchantments: it includes many new spells and a new introduction by the author, where she explains how this book and the Supermarket Sorceress theme took off. See also our press release.

The Supermarket Sorceress Spells, Charms, and Enchantments Using Everyday Ingredients to Make Your Wishes Come True is an amusing and inspiring gift for Halloween and the holiday season for those interested in positive change in their lives. It's available as a paperback for $14.99 and also as eBook in various formats.

The "Don'ts" Classic Titles from Cosimo Now Available

Cosimo is happy to announce new Classic titles that are now available online or at your favorite bookstore!

Don'ts for Wives by Unknown
"Art is a hard mistress, and there is no art quite so hard as that of being a wife." So begins this entertaining and enlightening booklet of Don'ts for Wives. Discussing such categories as "How to Avoid Discord," "Financial Matters," "Food," and "Evenings at Home," Don'ts for Wives is full of advice for ways in which a proper and loving wife should behave toward her husband. Each chapter is comprised of a list of "don'ts" that wives should follow if they wish to run a successful home and keep their husbands happy. While much of the advice is outdated, a surprising number of her recommendations are still applicable today. Also available as an eBook.

Don'ts for Husbands by Unknown
"Don't look at things solely from a man's point of view. Put yourself in your wife's place and see how you would like some of the things she has to put up with." In this comical, enlightening, and historical booklet originally published in 1913, Blanche Ebbutt shifts sides of the marital equation, delivering advice (some of which still rings true today), to help shape a proper and successful husband. Offering tips on "General Habits," "Jealousy," "Food," and many more timeless topics, Don'ts for Husbands is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the evolution of society, and who ultimately loves to laugh. Also available as an eBook.

Don'ts for Mothers by Unknown
"Don't suffer a child to be accused of a fault until you are perfectly aware he has been guilty of it" is one of the many recommendations imparted within this historical booklet. Covering timeless topics such as "Pregnancy and Childbirth," "Diet," "Sleep," and "Clothing," Don'ts for Mothers reveals motherhood as viewed in the late 1800s. While the majority of the guidance is outdated and strikingly odd to modern readers, this entertaining booklet still presents some insight into the world of motherhood today.  Also available as an eBook.

Cosimo has a wide collection of other etiquette books, click here to see them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Theodore Roosevelt!

Happy birthday to Theodore Roosevelt! In honor of the birth of the United States 26th President and author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer, Cosimo would like to highlight some of his classic books. 

A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open
As much a symbol of the nation's adventurous past as he was the very picture of booming 20th-century progress, Theodore Roosevelt, politician and soldier, naturalist and historian, was still a young man when he left the Oval Office, and he spent the decade after his presidency exploring the world -- and sharing his experiences in his inimitable prose. In this 1916 book, he leads us: on a cougar hunt on the rim of the Grand Canyon, trekking across the Navajo Desert, to a Hopi snake dance, across the Andes and Northern Patagonia, through bird reserves at the mouth of the Mississippi, and much more! Roosevelt's rip-roaring, real-life exploits are just as entertaining today as they were a century ago, and serve as a stirring reminder of the breathtaking beauty and lurking danger of the natural world.

Theodore Roosevelt's Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail 
Before he ascended to the highest office in the land as the United States' youngest president, Theodore Roosevelt, though a New York City man born and bred, was a devotee of the Old West. In 1888, he published this charming ode to the American frontier, from the rewarding hard work of a rancher on the open plains to the pleasures of hunting the big game of mountains high. Today, the inimitable prose and infectious enthusiasm of Roosevelt's writing here serves as much to describe a unique aspect of the character of the nation as it sings an elegy for a disappearing way of life. Includes numerous illustrations by Frederic Remington.

Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
Remembered today for his expansive personality and grand sense of adventure, Theodore Roosevelt -- politician and soldier, naturalist and historian -- was also a devoted, doting father and husband. This beautiful selection of the letters he wrote to his children over the courses of their lives, as well as a few written to other correspondents about the children, reveal a man deeply in love with his family and with the joys of fatherhood. The tales of Christmases at the White House and whistle-stop tours through the American countryside offer a cozy glimpse into one of the greatest American presidencies -- and Roosevelt's tenderness with his sons and daughters as he treats them as friends, confidantes, and equals -- creates a warm and intimate portrait of one of the great American characters.

The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses
Of all the many sides of Theodore Roosevelt, politician and soldier, naturalist and historian, today he remains a grand symbol of booming American progress in the 20th century. Indeed, he is largely responsible for setting the nation on the course it has followed over those hundred years, as this 1904 volume handily demonstrates. This collection of speeches Roosevelt gave and essays he wrote from 1899 through 1901 illuminates his keen image of America as a nation strong of character, honest of leadership, and rich in material and moral wealth, and represents the splendid challenge he extended to the American people to match him in action and in spirit, and to create a political and social life for the country as robust as his own personal and public life was. This is, in the aggregate, a revealing picture of the character of one of the great American personalities.

Please visit our website to view all of our books written by Theodore Roosevelt, or visit our reports and history sections to learn more about the politics and the past events of that time.

Happy Birthday Roosevelt!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Loren Coleman Presents" - Cryptzoology Series of the Month

As Halloween quickly approaches, Cosimo is excited to present our renewed list of titles in the popular Loren Coleman Presents Series.

Loren Coleman is one of the world's leading cryptozoologists and has been seeking evidence and folklore since the Abominable Snowmen caught his interest more than five decades ago. 

Loren Coleman has selected some of the most fascinating and also rare books from the time when the term 'cryptozoology" did not yet exist. This series brings to light some of the curiosities and wonders from zoology but also from myths and folklore. Coleman provides each title with a reflective introduction explaining the context and meaning of each of those significant works of cryptozoology. From werewolves to dragons, from sea monsters to unexplained myths, Coleman explores it all.

The series includes the following titles, both in paperback and hardcover:

Mythical Monsters by Charles Gould 

Natural History, Lore and Legend by Frederick Hulme

Oddities: A Book of Unexplained Facts by R.T. Gould 

Sea Fables Explained by Henry Lee

Sea Monsters Unmasked by Henry Lee

The Book of Werewolves by Sabine Baring-Gould 

The Dragon, Image and Demon by Hampden DuBose

The Dragon in China and Japan by M.W. de Visser

The Great Sea Serpent\ by A.C. Oudemans

The Romance of Natural History by Philip Gosse

The Unicorn: A Mythological Investigation by Robert Brown

The Werewolf by Montague Summers

About Loren Coleman:

Today, Loren Coleman, as one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, is an honorary member of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, a life member of the International Society of Cryptozoology, and an inaugural inductee of the Roger Patterson Memorial Bigfoot Museum in Portland, Oregon. He travels extensively for fieldwork and lectures and writes a daily blog at the Internet’s most popular cryptozoology news site, Cryptomundo. Coleman is the director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Cosimo offers this series by individual volume at leading online bookstores or as a volume set in hardcover and paperback. If you are interested in purchasing the full set, please contact us.

Our special set price for this unique series in hardcover is $499.99 (from the combined official list price of $668.82: you save $168.83 or a 25 percent discount and you get free shipping)

Our special set price for this unique series in paperback is: $249.99 (from the combined official list price of $332.79: you save $82.80 or a 25 percent discount and get free shipping)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October Classic of the Month: Loren Coleman Presents - Abominable Snowmen

Cosimo is proud to present Abominable Snowmen - Legend Come to Life by Ivan T. Sanderson as our pick for October Classic of the Month!

Scottish zoologist Ivan Terrance Sanderson coined the word cryptozoology and first used it in print in this unique 1961 work, the story of "hairy hominids" across the planet from the very beginnings of human civilization until the mid 20th century.

With its scientific, anthropological approach, this is one of the first books to treat the phenomenon of "Bigfoot" seriously, and introduced a groundbreaking classification system for the spectrum of sub-humanoids.

"I am happy that a whole new generation of cryptozoologists-in-training will be able to read Ivan T. Sanderson's classic book," says cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in his introduction. "This book opened the minds of many to the vastness of the hominoid reports. and spotlighted for people that Bigfoot/Sasquatch research was the next area for exploration in North America."

This edition, complete with the original illustrations and maps, is part of Cosimo's Loren Coleman Presents series. Cosimo is happy to offer this book in both the hardcover and paperback editions.

About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is the author of numerous books of cryptozoology, including Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Mysterious Americaand Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, and he is the director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME

Monday, October 12, 2015

Celebrate Columbus Day with Cosimo Classics

More than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus made his first expedition to North America and discovered The New World. Today, we celebrate that day by highlighting some classic titles!

Inspired by the then-recent unearthing of original documents and letters of Christopher Columbus, the American writer Washington Irving set about, in the 1820s, to create the first unlimited and complete account of the great explorer and his journeys. This is that account, sweeping in its scope, as intimate as a novel, as thrilling as a grand adventure story. Originally written in two volumes but presented here in a combined edition, The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus tells of Columbus' three journeys to the New World, shipwrecks and mutinies, encounters with natives, and his establishment of military outposts in the Americas. With a dedication to historical accuracy combined with a flair for engaging storytelling, Irving bestows upon us one of the classic works of history of the Age of Exploration. 

As a follow-up to his History of Columbus, this 1831 work by Washington Irving details the voyages of the men who accompanied Columbus and followed in his wake, fulfilling his dream of further exploring the land he had encountered. The dashing tales of Alonzo de Ojeda, Vincente Pinzon, Diego de Nicuesa, and Vasco Núñez de Balboa are presented here for readers as both historical records and adventurous entertainment. History buffs will be delighted to learn about the lives of these important explorers.

Life of Columbus by Arthur Helps

The Life of Columbus has been called the cornerstone of the history of the American continent. The first issue of this edition, which appeared in 1910, vividly recreates the moral and intellectual atmosphere of Columbus's world. A lasting biography of thoughtfulness and scope, it encompasses Columbus's formative years including his life in Spain and a fascinating account of his earliest voyages of discovery. In addition, Sir Arthur Helps examines Columbus's role as the courageous "Discoverer of America" in light of his devoted and unwavering support of the Catholic Church in Spain and its flourishing influence in the Americas.

"In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

He had three ships and left from Spain;
He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;
He used the stars to find his way."

Happy Columbus Day!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spooky Books for a Horrifying Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and ghouls out there! In honor of this fantastic holiday, Cosimo would like to present our authors who are experts on all things unknown, creepy, and unnatural. 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Ichabod Crane, a schoolteacher, came to Tarry Town in the glen of Sleepy Hollow to ply his trade in educating young minds. He was a gullible and excitable fellow, often so terrified by locals' stories of ghosts that he would hurry through the woods on his way home, singing to keep from hysterics. Among these stories was the legend of the Galloping Hessian, the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Readers of all ages will enjoy this classic American short story about courtship, rivalry, and ghosts. 

Mythical Monsters by Charles Gould

A geological surveyor by trade, English author Charles Gould was rather more interested in the strange ornithological specimens he collected on his journeys around the world. Mythical Monsters, the result of this deep and abiding fascination, is one of the classics of the field of cryptozoology, or the study of unknown or hidden creatures.  Monsters also features an essential section on the mysterious beasts of the ocean depths. Cosimo's edition is a replica of the original 1886 first edition complete with the original illustrations.

The Man Who Knew Too Much by G. K. Chesterton

This 1922 collection of eight short mysteries includes all the stories starring the unlikely detective Horne Fisher, a man cut from the upper crust of Britain whose in-depth knowledge of the nation's powermongers often curtails his investigations into corruption at the highest levels of government. In this volume readers can find the short stories titles: "The Face in the Target," "The Vanishing Prince," "The Soul of the Schoolboy," "The Bottomless Well," "The Fad of the Fisherman," "The Hole in the Wall," "The Temple of Silence," and "The Vengeance of the Statue."

A Hollywood blockbuster, an amazing documentary, and thousands of web pages in its honor. What's the fuss? In a word -- Mothman! A famous investigator examines the reports of this huge, red-eyed creature with wings seen over Point Pleasant, West Virginia on November 15, 1966 and the spawn of what would become known as Mothman seen before and after the famous sighting.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

It is perhaps one of the best known and most influential novels in all of literature: Dracula didn't merely inspire countless adaptations for stage and film, it invented an entire genre of horror -- the vampire story, which continues to evolve today into wildly varied directions. Anyone who wants to know where it all began must read this 1897 work, still startling and still terrifying even today. The story of English solicitor Jonathan Harker and his strange new client, Transylvanian aristocrat Count Dracula, this is the classic work of Victorian gothic horror, the continuing eerie wellspring of many of our cultural fantasies and nightmares. 

Whether you decide on aliens, monsters, or headless horsemen, we wish you all a safe and happy All Hallows Eve from everyone at Cosimo!

For a complete list of all things eerie and chilling, visit our cryptozoologymysterymythology & folklore, and UFO pages on our website.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Cosimo table at NAIBA conference
"People don't read anymore. The printed book will be dead!" Well, these statements have been made for many years now, but the facts seem to tell otherwise. According to Nielsen Book Scan, total units of print books in the U.S. sold to outlets reporting to Nielsen, were 635 million in 2014, an increase of 2.4% over 2013 and the best numbers since 2010.

"Bookstores are disappearing, especially the independents." That too seems not to be the case - although I have a hard time finding one in my Manhattan neighborhood -.  New York Times article earlier this year stated that:  

" the U.S. independent bookstores have rebounded strongly from the financial crisis, increasing their numbers by 27 percent since 2009. ......The American Booksellers Association's chief executive, Oren Teicher, said American indie bookshops have filled the vacuum left by big box bookstores like Borders (which went out of business in 2011) and Barnes & Noble (which has closed hundreds of stores). They have also capitalized on a spirit of localism and urban renewal that is coursing through some American cities. “The enthusiasm and optimism is pretty staggering,” Mr. Teicher said. “Despite all the quantum leaps in technology, the fact is nothing beats a physical, bricks-and-mortar store to discover books that you didn’t know about.”

Against this backdrop of revitalized book sales and growing independent bookstores, Cosimo attended this weekend the New Atlantic Book Sellers Association ("NAIBA") Conference in Somerset, New Jersey, a regional trade show that celebrates independent bookselling, Even though....

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Anniversary

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland turns 150! Both adults and children alike continue to love these classic texts, spawning hundreds of variations on the story from TV shows, to fan fiction, to multiple Hollywood movies, proving that we will follow Alice down many more rabbit holes for years to come.

In 1865, English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (also known as Lewis Carroll), wrote a fantastical adventure story for the young daughters of a friend. The adventures of Alice, named for one of the little girls to whom the book was dedicated to, describe a fantastical journey down a rabbit hole and into a whimsical underworld realm.

Dodgson's playfulness-with language, with mathematical puzzles, with testy creatures such as the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts, still confounds and teases lovers of fantasy fiction today. 

Alice acolytes continue to unravel the book's strange riddles, and constantly find new meaning in the unexpected underlying themes, from the trials of early adolescence to the value of nonsense. The conundrums and delights of Alice ensures its ongoing influence over modern pop culture. In celebration of the anniversary, many are exhibits and events are popping up all over the world. Those living in NYC can head over to The Morgan Library and Museum to see the original drawings and manuscript or take a guided tour of the Alice statues in Central Park. Our international friends can attend the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester Hotel in London or visit the art exhibit "Lost Alice" at Castle Galleries in Wales.

Cosimo is proud to offer Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as well as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass in both hardcover and paperback. These titles are all unabridged replica editions which feature the original illustrations by English artist Sir John Tenniel.
Cosimo also offers a facsimile of the original 1864 Author's Manuscript, Alice's Adventures Under Ground:This edition of Alice's Adventures under Ground is the second recorded version of Alice's tales, and a treasure for collectors and Alice in Wonderland fans.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Classic of the Month: A School History of the United States

With classes back in session, Cosimo is excited to present A School History of the United States by John Bach McMaster as its Classic of the Month.A School History of the United States, first published in 1897, became a definitive textbook. It possessed simple language, straightforward ideas, and easy organization. All its attributes make it browsable and concisely informative.

From the discovery of the New World by Europeans to the war with Spain at the turn of the 20th century, it still serves as a quick and useful introduction to the formation of the United States. Handy historical maps abound, and useful appendices include the complete Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution of the United States as it stood at the beginning of the 20th century. 

A School History of the United States is of great interest to American history buffs, students of the history of education, librarians, and teachers.

A School History of the United States is available in paperback at leading online bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author:
John Bach McMaster was an American historian.
After growing up in Brooklyn, NY, John went to college at the City of New York, where he graduated in 1872. After graduation, he worked as a civil engineer in 1873-1877, was an instructor in civil engineering at Princeton University in 1877-1883, and in 1883 became professor of American history in the University of Pennsylvania.

He is best known for his History of the People of the United States from the Revolution to the Civil War (1883 sqq.), a valuable supplement to the more purely political writings of James Schouler, Von Holst and Henry Adams. He began working on it in 1873, having collected material since 1870. His A School History of the United States (1897) was an extremely popular textbook for many years. Besides these books and numerous magazine articles, he wrote Life of Benjamin Franklin in the “Men of Letters” series (Boston, 1887).

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Book of the Month: Democracy and Education

In celebration of the new school year, Cosimo is excited to present Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education by John Dewey as its Book of the Month.

John Dewey was one of the most influential figures in the education movement of the early 20th
century. This 1916 volume presents his profoundly revolutionary ideas about how best to teach young minds to be vigorous citizens of a truly democratic society. Reconciling classic philosophies of Rousseau and Plato with the needs and demands of the modern world, Dewey emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and learning through practical applications of complex concepts. His efforts were with one goal in mind: to create an integrated, holistic approach to the educational process.

Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education is available in ebook and paperback at leading online bookstores, including Amazon (paperback).

About the Author:

John Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. Dewey, along with Charles Sanders Peirce and William James, is recognized as one of the founders of the philosophy of pragmatism and of functional psychology. He was a major representative of the progressive and progressive populist philosophies of schooling during the first half of the 20th century in the USA.

Although Dewey is known best for his publications concerning education, he also wrote about many other topics, including experience, nature, art, logic, inquiry, democracy, and ethics.