Thursday, October 29, 2020

In Search of Hungry Ghosts: the Mysterious Death of Joe Fisher

"It has now been almost two decades since the unexpected death of Canadian journalist and author Joe Fisher. Known for his best-selling books on spirituality and the paranormal, most notably Hungry Ghosts, in which he investigated the dark side of channeling, Fisher’s contribution as a writer and researcher—indeed, his life’s mission—was to shine a light on the strange and unexplained." 

This is the beginning paragraph in a recent.........................

.....article, In Search of Hungry Ghosts: the Mysterious Death of Joe Fisher,  by Louis Proud in the magazine EdgeScience. With Halloween around the corner, we are thrilled to present this article about this paranormal adventure seeker. 

About the Author

Joe Fisher was a journalist and best-selling author. His previous works include Life Between Life, The Case for Reincarnation, and Predictions. Troubled by personal problems - as well as by the spirits he claimed to have angered in writing the Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts - Joe Fisher took his own life on May 9, 2001. That he would do so is all the more surprising considering what he had written earlier in The Case for Reincarnation: "As much as the suicidal personality feels able to escape the world by getting rid of the body, reincarnation's revolving door ensures that all hope (of escape) is short lived. Those who learn that they have killed themselves in past lives are quickly brought to the realization that suicide, far from being an answer to life's problems is (instead) the violent breaking of the lifeline. If the (suicide) could only realize the resulting intensification of difficulty which must enter the life to come, (suicide) would never be (attempted)."

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