Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving with Johnny Cash

While today Thanksgiving is being celebrated in the United States, everyone, Americans and also others around the world, could give thanks to the positives in their lives: from appreciating the small things, to being grateful for one's challenges; from being thankful to be alive, to breathing fresh air; from having family and friends to having access to technology, such as cars, cell phones and the internet; from being able to be entertained and inspired by art, movies, books and sports, to see the seasons changing, and much more.

In these bizarre and difficult times, or especially in these times it is even more important to be grateful and show appreciation for what one does have, and realize that we take many good things for granted. 

Listen above to what legendary country and western singer, Johnny Cash, once said and sings about the importance of Thanksgiving.

On behalf of Cosimo, Happy Thanksgiving!

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