Thursday, December 16, 2021

Celebrating 200 years Anniversary of Old Santeclaus with Much Delight


"Old Santeclaus with much delight
His reindeer drives this frosty night,
O'r chimney tops, and tracts of snow,
To bring his yearly gifts to you."
-Anonymous, Old Santeclaus with Much Delight (1821)

This December, we not only celebrate a month of festivities leading towards Christmas and New Year, but also the anniversary of Old Santeclaus with Much Delight which was published 200 years ago in New York City. 

This short, illustrated children's poem is the first mention of flying reindeer pulling Santa Claus's sleigh with the first colored lithography in the United States showing the earliest images of Santa dressed in red. While the author remains anonymous, it may have been written by its original publisher, William B. Gilley (1785-1830). 

Cosimo Classics is proud to announce it just released - similarly to the original, also in New York City -  a beautifully recreated hardcover replica of this unique 1821 booklet, which is a true holiday delight for all ages.

                                                                                MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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