Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wishing reKiosk a Happy Anniversary

Today we congratulate the team at reKiosk on their anniversary!

We recently partnered with this unique "digital marketplace" to expand the digital reach of our titles. At reKiosk we are able to offer our titles in a variety of digital formats, making it easier for you to find a version of our books that's compatible with the many eReaders and other digital devices you use in your daily life.

We value our partnership with reKiosk because our mission statement goes hand in hand with theirs.
Our Mission is to create a smart and sustainable society by connecting people with valuable ideas; we offer authors and organizations full publishing support, while using the newest technologies to present their works in a timely and effective way.

As a publishing company, we seek to help independent authors, and reKiosk is using new technologies to help independent artists of all kinds. What's more, they have a similar goal at heart: to spread knowledge and ideas to the world. Like us, they believe in the power of the independent artist.

We're proud to partner with them, and we wish them another great year of innovation and inspiration!

Learn more about reKiosk at their homepage and blog. You can also follow them on Twitter @reKiosk or visit their Facebook page. Check out our storefront, which offers special discounts on particular titles each month.

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